Life Lessons with Rose

Taking Our Learning to the Next Level – Interviewing Jason Womack for EntrepreNerds Between the Sheets

Over the last 2+ years, EntrepreNerds have read, reflected on, conversed about, and implemented advice from more than 30 business books.  I’ve always maintained the belief that participants have valuable insight, knowledge and experience to help each other grow.  And so far, I have not been disappointed. Just the other week I got a message […]

Growing Up: EntrepreNerds Goes National and Virtual

Growing up is simultaneously exciting and scary. I vividly remember when I was four years old, watching the kindergartners go to school with awe and envy. Their stylish, yet over-sized book bags bounced on their backs as they energetically walked off the bus and into the classroom. I desperately wanted to be in kindergarten. Of […]

Communicating for Effective Collaboration: 9 Takeaways from the EntrepreNerds book discussion

Collaboration is a big buzz word these days. And for good reason. We are able to accomplish far greater feats when a diverse group of talented individuals bands together than we ever can on our own. But as I’ve already begun exploring in a recent blog post, good intentions do not a successful collaboration make. […]

Creative Entrepreneurs Learning Lean: 4 Lessons from Experience

Just a few weeks ago we wrapped up a six week class at the Larimer SBDC called the Crash Course: Business Builder Intensive for which we used the Lean Launchpad approach. It was a pleasure and honor for me to teach this material. I’ve been working with the business model canvas and lean startup process […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Falling Out of Collaboration Sync

In the beginning, everything is peaches and cream. You’re fueled by the excitement of connecting with someone that gets it; someone who encourages your crazy vision and supports your big dreams. There’s at least an inkling of overlap that seems complimentary, so you decide to do the progressive thing and COLLABORATE! The honeymoon phase lasts […]

The Four Horsemen of Bad Workshop Experiences: And Tips for Avoiding Them

We’ve all been there, attended a much anticipated workshop at a conference only to leave feeling disappointed by the experience. Granted, it might not have been part of a conference at all, but instead was a one-off deal. Either way the outcome was the same; it was a waste of time. The problem is that […]

What is a Culture of Learning (Part 2)? 6 Leadership Practices of Guiding Not Telling

Does it make your skin crawl when someone barks directions at you? Maybe your boss points their finger while they talk. Or it could just be the tone in your colleague’s voice. Either way it feels like you’ll be branded a heathen for framing a question, let alone inquiring if there may be a better […]

Read. Discuss. Do. Repeat: Why Some EntrepreNerds Books are Worth Re-Reading

I never was one for re-reading books (unless it was by Dr. Suess or Shel Silverstein). This actually goes against the perception most people seem to have of me, but I would not classify myself as a big reader. Maybe it’s because I struggled to learn how to read; I was assigned to a special-ed […]

Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Facilitator

If you look at the website of a professional facilitator, you’ll most likely see a list of reasons to hire them. They pretty much all say the same thing: A professional facilitator will help your team stay focused…assist you in navigating touchy subjects…keep a meeting timely…make sure everyone’s voice is heard…ensure the process results in […]

Portrait of an EntrepreNerd: Kimball Nelson Gains Confidence as an Entrepreneur by Discussing Ideas with Others

Meet Kimball Nelson, a mother, a business owner, a photographer and an EntrepreNerd extraordinaire! Kim (that’s what we call her for short), started her photography business many years ago after changing careers from the nonprofit world. An avid lifelong learner, she’s always seeking new knowledge that will help her improve at her trade, her entrepreneurial […]