Life Lessons with Rose

Checkout, “8 Ways to Get Momentum in Life”

While I have not been blogging much on here (Rosabella Consulting) I have been writing quite a bit.  I am pleased to share some highlights with you, including a complimentary copy of an ebook, to which I contributed a chapter. 8 Ways to Get Momentum in Life In the spring I was asked by Leadership […]

SurThrival and Transformation

This time of year we have a lot to celebrate.  In early February was our 3 year anniversary blogging.  And earlier this week was the 3 year anniversary of the first EntrepreNerds book discussion. I’m learning that there’s something magical with the number 3!  Apparently, it is a lucky number for some of the coolest people I […]

8 Insights About Entrepreneurship and Resilience

Entrepreneurship and resilience is a big topic and yet it is also quite simple.  Resilient entrepreneurs live to tell the tale.  Everyone else gets a job…ok, I know that sounds harsh.  But I’ve been reflecting on this topic a lot as I read the books for the next EntrepreNerds discussion and contemplate my own journey. Entrepreneurship is an […]

Do We Have a Latent Aversion to Learning?

I was listening to a Krista Tippet OnBeing interview with Courtney Martin and Parker Palmer, when I heard one of the most profound quotes.  It speaks to the importance of creating a culture of learning in our organizations.  And it confirms that a big part of the problem in becoming a learning organization is, in deed, […]

Tips for Reframing the Problem of Work-Life Balance

Are you striving to create a better work-life balance right now?  Has this been an ongoing struggle?  Feeling like you’re never doing good enough? Work-life balance is a challenge that often comes up for professionals. In fact, it is pretty cliche how much we talk about work-life balance.  And while I often role my eyes […]

“What I Need is a Process for Organizing My Ideas” says most every entrepreneur I work with…

Life is complicated. Being an entrepreneur is complicated. There are always more things one can do than there is time to do them all. It can feel overwhelming, like you’re spinning your wheels.  You go, go, go but really you’re running to stand still. At the end of the day, tasks haven’t gotten done. A […]

Start the New Year Off Right – 5 Tips for Making Planning Fun

It’s here, the one holiday a year we all take as an opportunity to conduct an internal re-set.  The New Year!  Wether you’re a resolution maker or not, this transition does provide a choice moment to stop so that you may conduct an audit of where you’ve been and where you’re doing. Let me guess, you’ve […]

The Lie Rudolph’s Story Teaches Us – Wait to Be Picked!

We look to stories and traditions as a way of reinforcing certain cultural norms and beliefs. This time in history is interesting in that the prominent stories do not reinforce the behaviors one must practice to thrive in our current reality.  (It could be culture has always had a way of holding some people down…we […]

Is Creativity a Limited Resource? A Lesson on Becoming an EntrepreMom

Hello! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, I know. At the end of July my husband and I welcomed our first precious stork delivery and being a “good” boss, I gave myself some time off. I have been easing back into work for the past few months, meeting with clients, working on […]

Business Book Group is Part Professional Development and Part Entrepreneurial Therapy

The introductions were taking a little longer than I had grown accustomed to, but it seemed participants were in desperate need of getting concerns off their chests. So I let them go on. Showing that this is a safe, supportive environment where we actively listen and affirm each other is more important then sticking to […]