Life Lessons with Rose

Business Book Group is Part Professional Development and Part Entrepreneurial Therapy

The introductions were taking a little longer than I had grown accustomed to, but it seemed participants were in desperate need of getting concerns off their chests. So I let them go on. Showing that this is a safe, supportive environment where we actively listen and affirm each other is more important then sticking to […]

7 Takeaways from the United Way TAP Symposium Panel of Collaborators

Last week I had the pleasure of facilitating the Panel of Collaborators at the United Way TAP Symposium. It was the conclusion to an invigorating day about the tools, processes, opportunities and challenges of engaging in collaborative partnerships. We had 5 accomplished collaborators from Northern Colorado on the panel (Homeless Prevention Initiative, The Matthews House, […]

#InnoFake: 8 Signs Innovation is Just a BUZZword in your Organization & What to do About it

We’ve all been there, worked for a boss that said one thing, but did another. Usually it’s a matter of employing the latest buzzwords. Somehow many of us have gotten the impression that using a word in a sentence means you actually embody the sentiment….of course nothing could be further from the truth. One of […]

Could Connecting with Your Inner Genius be the Secret to Entrepreneurial Success?

Finally, someone said it! “We have to ignite the genius within us.” Prasad Kaipa has spent over 20 years studying the secrets to successful entrepreneurship. Once he thought he had the formula figured out he launched his own venture! And it failed… It’s a bittersweet pill to swallow, “to my disappointment, I found out there […]

5 Steps to Stop Agonizing Over Decisions

We’ve all been there, agonized over a difficult or big decision (even the small ones can get us sometimes). I can vividly remember when I graduated college; I was stressing out about what to do next. So, I called my Dad and lamented, “I just want to make the right decision!” He wisely advised, “There […]

Is an Integrative Approach the New “Black”?

If there’s one constant in business, it’s that there are always buzzwords. A few years ago innovation was one of the most “overused” words, and continues to track as a hot topic. Right now, collaboration is a popular buzzword. As I pay attention to what’s been trending, and synthesize it for myself: I have to […]

Goodie Goodie Gum Drops: The Infectious Power of a Little Positivity

While I was growing up, I’d visit with my Grandmom and Poppop at their small ranch style house in the burbs of southern Jersey. My Grandmom, being a cheery and enthusiastic woman, would often exclaim, “Goodie Goodie Gum Drop!” “Look Grandmom, I can ride my bike with no training wheels!” “Goodie goodie gum drop” she’d […]

Taking Our Learning to the Next Level – Interviewing Jason Womack for EntrepreNerds Between the Sheets

Over the last 2+ years, EntrepreNerds have read, reflected on, conversed about, and implemented advice from more than 30 business books.  I’ve always maintained the belief that participants have valuable insight, knowledge and experience to help each other grow.  And so far, I have not been disappointed. Just the other week I got a message […]